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Rocket Queen Machine

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Rocket [Oct. 4th, 2001|02:32 pm]
Rocket Queen Machine
[On Rotation |Jimi Hendrix]

Hello. If you think that you can get to see shades of Rocket in here like in my domain, you are wrong. Over here, you can say that it's more personal. And I like the fact that I can control my readers. I am a fan of interaction, most people that I add as friends usually have a thing or two to say about my posts, as I do theirs. Those that don't reply, I add probably because I like THEM.

That said, I hate people that hardly update. If you're like my sister, the infamous Zero, then chances are I won't add you. A Zero is a posts leech. A Zero likes to read other people's posts and, well, that's about it. They don't update either.

I hate people that update seldom. I love interaction between livejournal friends, and I hate the idea that just because you know me or have read me, you think it's all the same.

So Dont. Get. Angry. If. I Don't. Add You.
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