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Hello. If you think that you can get to see shades of Rocket in here like in my domain, you are wrong. Over here, you can say that it's more personal. And I like the fact that I can control my readers. I am a fan of interaction, most people that I add as friends usually have a thing or two to say about my posts, as I do theirs. Those that don't reply, I add probably because I like THEM.

That said, I hate people that hardly update. If you're like my sister, the infamous Zero, then chances are I won't add you. A Zero is a posts leech. A Zero likes to read other people's posts and, well, that's about it. They don't update either.

I hate people that update seldom. I love interaction between livejournal friends, and I hate the idea that just because you know me or have read me, you think it's all the same.

So Dont. Get. Angry. If. I Don't. Add You.
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nadia!!! wow it's been awhile. a long fucking while. girl.. please, please add me. i've missed you so fucking much.

love, jamie.
Bah!! JAMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're In sweetie!


July 5 2002, 13:19:53 UTC 15 years ago

What is this sight about? I'm a songwriter ....what are you?
please e-mail Barbi(Rocket Queen) Von Greif @ aka R.queen ect
nadia!! add!! hehe
haaaaaaaaaaai nadia!add me cepaaatttt.nyeahaha.:)-hezzy


January 19 2004, 21:44:34 UTC 14 years ago

AnTuJiBaM : me miss you...muahh



March 14 2004, 00:10:32 UTC 14 years ago

i want to read!! -nadeera
akk! 2001-10-04? lama nye! do u know me? hmmm...i know u sikit-sikit :)
requesting permission to stalk?

lol. add me? you write fabulous stuff :)
Do you know me?
cuz i want to be added.
woi. just because i havent logged in my account for two years doesnt mean id forget about it forever eh.
shit. babe, i totally terforgot that i had a livejournal account. 2 actually. the other one has been deleted. *shoots herself*

add me if you still love me. if you dont add me ill hate you forever and i swear ill never see you or talk to you ever again. comprende?
nadia! this is annisah and my new journo... add moi <3
oooh your hair is soooo freakin nice.*two thumbs up*
i read ur reply on a friends journal and thought i would cruise over here. maybe i will check back later.
add me? ur adorable.
No you are! Okay we both are. And you're added :)
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